CGA Unity Foundations - 7-Week Course - November 18 - Mon/Wed

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Course Competencies

  • Unity and VR Fundamentals
  • Unity Editor Competence
  • 3D Spatial Competence
  • Unity C# Scripting
  • User Interfaces with Canvas
  • 3D Physics Competence
  • Motion Controller Input Competence
  • VR Locomotion in a 3D Environment
  • Prepare a Project for Production

Content and Structure

Lecture Hours

  • First half of every course

Laboratory Hours

  • Second half of every course


  • Download, Install, and Get Started with Unity
  • Create objects to move and rotate in three dimensions
  • 3D Modeling
  • Scripting, moving objects with the keyboard
  • User Interfaces and Graphics, making Menus for the User
  • Physics, adding Gravity and Collisions
  • See and Interact with 3D objects with Motion Controllers
  • Move in your 3D World
  • Deploy your app
  • Prepare your app to be Published

Teaching/Learning Approaches

  • Everything in this industry is driven by the experience, so we learn by experience.
  • The course will employ use of the Socratic Method.
  • Many of the exercises in the course are designed to challenge your intuition and any prior knowledge solving problems with Unity. Master the techniques long before you’ll need to overcome the difficulty of the task.
  • Overtime, you will recognize the need for each technique per scenario and this will help you to solidify your ability to utilize them. Each of these techniques build on each other and are important for Course Proficiency.
  • During the Course, you will be tested periodically, to make sure that you understand the material that was covered recently.

We offer refunds at our discretion on a case by case basis. If able, we will work with you to reschedule for a future course.

You can pay by check or credit card. Call us at (206) 290-8633 if you have any questions, or just click the button above to sign up with a credit card and reserve your spot in the course.